The Frog & Bear Bed and Breakfast
411 West Center Street Lake City, MN 55041
(651) 345-2122

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"The Love Affair of Mr. Frog and Ms. Bear"

Many Innkeepers name their inn after the person who built their home; but we decided to name our home after "The Frog & Bear". The story is all about a romantic love affair between two different, but oh so much alike, animals. You see...

Mr. Frog always dreamed of someone very special like Ms. Bear. He'd seen her around town and found himself thinking of her often. One day, he and she were invited to Ms. Rabbit's house for a tea party. (Ms. Rabbit was a mutual friend of theirs...maybe - just maybe she had her own particular intentions for inviting them both to the same tea party!) When Mr. Frog surprisingly saw Ms. Bear at the afternoon tea party, he knew by the fluttering of his heart that Ms. Bear was the one for him; but deep down inside he knew what everyone would say. "What ever would a bear want with a frog?"

"Oh, they're right," he thought to himself, "she is a lovely bear, and I, just a silly frog; what could a bear possibly see in a frog anyhow?" Still, fate being fate, he knew he had to get to know Ms. Bear. For she was the loveliest, most enchanting bear he'd ever met. Mr. Frog only hoped Ms. Bear would like him even a bit; little did he realize that Ms. Bear also shared the same cupid-inspired curiosity about him as he did for her! "Wouldn't it be nice if she would marry me?" thought Mr. Frog, "If only! Maybe we could go on a date!"

He told Mama and Papa about Ms. Bear and his fondness for her, but they just laughed. They were right...what would a bear want with a frog? Just the same, his mind was made up - he would ask her out.

Meanwhile, Ms. Bear was wondering why Mr. Frog hadn't paid her a visit; she thought he seemed interested in her at the tea party. She wanted to see him so much! "Maybe we could go to the dance next week," she thought. Ms. Bear decided that she would ask him out instead of waiting for him to leap into action. So, off she went to Mr. Frog's house with a basket of popovers and maple butter in hand.

Now, Mr. Frog, had a certain liking for homemade popovers and could smell the sweet aroma through the forest. At once, he knew it had to be Ms. Bear. Quickly he tidied up, straightened his plaid bow tie just in time to warmly (and a wee bit nervously) greet the lovely Ms. Bear at his door. His heart was in his throat! He knew he couldn't possibly croak out the words to ask her on a date, but oh how he wished he could muster up the courage to! Why, Ms. Bear was so delighted to see Mr. Frog - who could even tell which one of them was more excited than the other!? Not able to wait a second longer - she blurted out words about the upcoming dance and asked Mr. Frog to escort her to the big event.

"There's nothing I would love better than stroll hand in hand with you and dance the night away with you in my arms! Yes, let's go to the dance!" said Mr. Frog. So it was with great anticipation, Mr. Frog and Ms. Bear each counted the days until the night of the dance. Oh, Mr. Frog had such renewed zest for life now - thanks to Ms. Bear's obvious interest in him. Finally, the night of the dance arrived. With a new bow tie, vest and top hat, Mr. Frog went a courtin' to Ms. Bear's house to pick her up for the evening. She was glamorous in her dancing gown. Mr. Frog gasped at her stunning beauty all night long as they danced and danced, and danced the night away.

"May I see you again soon?" he asked as they departed that evening, "Tomorrow even?"

"Yes, yes, please! We'll have a picnic by the lake and watch the boats go by!" said Ms. Bear.

The next day, off to the lake they went with picnic basket in tow. They ate all the goodies Ms. Bear baked. They went for a swim, watched sail boats, and laughed the lazy afternoon away. It was quite the scene to passersby to see the two embrace in hugs, her being a bear and him being a frog. But it was clear to all that these two were meant to be together! How they talked and listened intently to each other. They shared their days floating on summer breezes. Everything was so right in life as they laughed and held each other. At last, they both had found that special someone to share life with, to be happy with. Oh, how good if felt to them both! Ms. Bear taught Mr. Frog one of the greatest things that can be taught to another, and that is to have a friend, you have to be a friend; and to take a chance to love, creating a great sense of camaraderie, how could they ever be happier? They assured one another of their enduring love, and now walk hand in hand in the same direction, looking outward for 'living happily ever after.' Mr. Frog & Ms. Bear feel very special indeed!